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Protect & Grow Your Business

Whether you sell locally, nationally, or want to go global, call us today to discuss how Intercontinental Growth Strategies (IGS) can help you use trade credit insurance as an engine for growth.

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Statement of Purpose

"IGS is a leading trade credit insurance brokerage where we help our clients grow sales safely and aggressively while protecting against any bad debt loss coming from non-payment or bankruptcy. By insuring your Accounts Receivable, you are able to extend credit with confidence enabling safe sales growth, enhance credit management practices, and potentially securing additional access to capital from your lender. Partnerships with 17 different trade credit insurance carriers, allows IGS to broker the marketplace with the goal to maximize coverages and enhance policy structure while saving you time and premium. We take pride in being experts at trade credit insurance so that you don’t have to be!"

- Jay Jara, Executive Vice President

Trade Credit Insurance Solutions

Providing Solutions To All Domestic & International Businesses


Our depth of understanding is in the details, so the glitches that happen with other firms will not happen when you work with us. And because we can handle administration once the policy is in place, we will not sell and walk away.

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Trade credit insurance is a type of property and casualty insurance used to insure payment for goods sold on credit terms, generally less than one year.

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IGS offers a variety of insurance products through major underwriters around the world, including the three largest carriers for global trade insurance.

Intercontinental Growth Strategies Carriers

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