About Us

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IGS History

  • Incorporated on 11/11/2014
  • Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois
  • Dozens of clients around the US, China, and Mexico
  • Partnerships with 17 different credit insurance carriers

Meet The IGS Team

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Joseph Barrett

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Ben Gilbert


Jay Jara

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Jean D'Andrea

Our Trade Credit Insurance Brokers Can Help You!

IGS is a dynamic insurance broker dedicated to developing and implementing sales growth strategies to help our client companies achieve the highest level of success. We make it easier for buyers to purchase your products and services and we manage the related financial risks through trade credit insurance. If you have a product or service in demand overseas and you are unsure of the global risks, we can help. We understand you can choose any trade credit insurance broker but consider this: you can just buy a policy or you can partner with IGS so we can put your trade credit insurance to work for you.

As a broker with established relationships in more than 80 countries, and experience doing deals of all types and sizes, we have a global perspective and reach that is difficult to match and it makes us capable of finding the right trade credit insurance for your firm.

Our team has insured all types of transactions and, most importantly, we have handled those transactions from beginning to end. Initial conversation to signing the documents, and all the paperwork in between.

Our depth of understanding is in the details, so the glitches that happen with other firms will not happen when you work with us. And because we can handle administration once the policy is in place, we will not sell and walk away.

So if you want global growth without all the global risk call IGS. That is what we do.