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Credit Insurance: Your Secret Sales Tool

To be competitive, you must offer terms to your customer.

Offering terms means you must wait for the cash to reinvest in new sales. Offering better and longer terms to your customer will substantially encourage them to buy more from you, be more consistent in their purchases, and allow you to grow as a company. Many decision makers are concerned if they can afford to offer longer terms and how it will impact their cash flow. The good news is: Trade Credit Insurance solves sales hurdles.

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Increase Market Share

With a Trade Credit Insurance policy, you will be able to evaluate the credit RISK of your customers and receive an actionable credit LIMIT on the amount you are able to sell to them on terms. Not only can you evaluate your current customers, but you can cover sales to new customers and foreign buyers with the exact same level of confidence as buyers you have known for years. Your competitors will not be able to keep pace. Unless of course they have a Trade Credit Insurance policy and are already eating up that market share.

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Portfolio Management

There are many reasons to extend credit to a customer, but there are even more reasons NOT to. By providing specific limit amounts to each buyer, Trade Credit Insurance takes the speculation out of the internal credit decision allowing your credit department to work cooperatively with your sales department.

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Stabilize Working Capital

Stabilizing the risk in your accounts receivables through Trade Credit Insurance means you can extend credit terms with your customers and not have a strain on cash flows, regardless of how long you extend terms. Your insured receivable is very attractive to banks and finance companies because it removes the risk of nonpayment. It allows the bank or finance company to give you access to the cash shortly after shipment, just as if you were not selling on terms. The cost to do so is cost effective, scalable, and consistent.

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Improve Pricing Strategies

By insuring the risk of each sale with Trade Credit Insurance, you will be able to unlock new pricing strategies for your products. Every sale you make will automatically transfer to a SINGLE highly rated credit risk. This allows you to utilize cost effective financing and know exactly how much it will cost you to provide terms. It allows you to adjust current and future pricing models to maximize sales potential.