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The goal of the application is for IGS to secure an understanding of your sales history. In preparation, we recommend you having information available as it relates to prior year sales volume and aging. If you get stuck at any point, please feel free to call us at 312-877-3888.

We are looking for close to exact numbers, so do not worry if you provide educated estimates. Remember, we can work with you after submission to clear up any missing or confusing items.

We look forward to working with you.

Multi-buyer = Whole turnover policy - all buyers insured Single Buyer= Insuring one buyer against a single shipment or multiple shipments Key Account =Selective risk - choose the buyers to be insured
General Information 

Primary Contact

Nature of Applicant's Business

Percentage of Total Sales to:

Anticipated Sales - Next 12 months
Anticipated Sales on OPEN TERMS for the next 12 Months (excluding sales related to related companies & Gov't Institutions)

# of Accounts Anticipated Sales Volume
Over $1MM
$500K - $1MM
$100K - $500K
$50K - $100K
$10K - $50K
$2,500 - $10K
< $2,500
Please indicate approximate sales per country where your buyers are located. If more space is needed, please click "Add more responses":
Country # of Accounts Expected Annual Sales (USD)

Total Accounts Receivable During the Last Four Quarters

Quarter Ending Date (date) Total Amount (USD)
Prior Sales Experience
Total Sales Total bad Debt Losses Largest Single Loss # of Losses
Current Year
Prior Year
Previous Year
Total Sales Total bad Debt Losses Largest Single Loss # of Losses
Current Year
Prior Year
Previous Year

Name of Account Total Amount 60 days past due Total amount past due

Pre Delivery Risk

Buyer List
Please provide a list of your buyers you would like included, their address, and requested credit limit. Please upload a copy of the document. This information is critical as it will be the base upon which the policy is built.