1. Benefits Of Export Credit Insurance

    The United States accounts for just 5% of the world’s population, which means that U.S. companies can benefit from real growth when exporting. While risk is inherent to growth, U.S. exporters of all sizes can protect themselves when selling to international customers on credit terms with export credit insurance services. Export credit insurance reduces the risk of foreign buyer non-payment when …Read More

  2. What Is Export Credit Insurance?

    According to Mark Greene, a special form of credit insurance is available to exporters against losses from both commercial and political risks. In the United States, for example, export credit insurance is written through a consortium of insurance companies organized by the Foreign Credit Insurance Association (FCIA). The Export-Import Bank of the United States assumes the ultimate liability for l…Read More

  3. Smart Protection With Receivables Insurance

    Why Do You Need Accounts Receivables Insurance? You need to offer competitive payment terms to your customers. What happens if they go out of business, file for bankruptcy, run short on cash or don’t pay your invoices for some other reason? Accounts receivable services and insurance protects against defaults resulting from customers insolvencies, business closure, ownership changes, cashflow pro…Read More