Intercontinental Growth Strategies is a corporation specializing in accounts receivables services and collections. Every business/creditor has an account receivables collection process in place. The difference between one business/creditor’s effectiveness in collecting debt usually depends on a few small but significant details. The first detail is the successful creditor makes collecting accounts receivable a high priority. Although collections is usually at the bottom of everyone’s list the creditor that realizes collecting debt is the lifeblood of their business and treats it as such is generally very effective at reducing losses.

The second detail that differentiates a successful collection effort is a creditor that has a system in place. These creditors process account uniformly both with their accounting, collection processes, deadlines, and third party collection procedures. These creditors have a defined plan. Another important detail is a creditor that has a realistic approach to collections and involves an account receivable collection agency like ours at the first sign of trouble. When a debtor has been warned a few times and then sees the creditor actually take the action they said they would the creditor has established credibility. When a creditor routinely softens their demands for payment and their threats to take action they not only lose credibility but they frustrate others in their company. We have the expertise to handle your collections and get your money back. Let the professionals take care of your bottom line. We can act as a the neutral mediator so you can maintain a positive relationship with the debtor.