Trade credit insurance serves the purpose protecting you and your business in the event your customers cannot pay for goods or services you have provided. It essentially ensures that you grow profits while minimizing risks associated with extending credit. Credit insurance services provides you with the confidence to bring on new customers and improve access to funds at competitive rates. Credit insurance is used for short-term accounts receivable, those that are due within a year. Credit insurance protects your business and your bottom line against the inability of your customers to pay any debts due to you. These debts can occur as a result of a customer becoming uncivil or failing to pay within the agreed terms and conditions established.

The way it works is easy: Intercontinental Growth Strategies network of risk offices monitors the monetary performance and well-being of your customers. We assign a grade that lets you know how healthy their operation is and the way they go about conducting business. Based on the risk assessment, your buyers will be granted a specific credit limit in which you can trade and be eligible for reimbursement should something go wrong. This credit limit is flexible and can be raised and lowered at anytime. For the life of your policy, we will provide you with information that could possibly affect the wellbeing of your buyers and their ability to pay you back. If for some reason one of your buyers cannot or refuses to pay you, you will have the peace of mind that you are insured up to the limit of your policy. We can also act as your collections department if the need comes up. Contact us today for more information on how to gain ultimate protection with our credit insurance services. We are happy to help you whatever your needs may be.