Each time you grant credit to your customers, your company is exposed to the threat of non-payment. There is a greater chance that a business will experience a loss within its accounts receivable than any other asset. With an average of 40% of a company’s assets in the form of trade debts, accounts receivables are a critical part of your balance sheet directly affecting cash flow and profitability. While you insure your company against property loss, liability, or other unpredictable high exposure events you are leaving your most valuable and vulnerable assets open to loss. Accounts receivable coverage through credit insurance services offers a safer way to do business.

Intercontinental Growth Strategies trade insurance policies allows you to:

Grow sales safely domestically and abroad to new and existing customers
Protect your business from the risk of customer default and catastrophic loss
Improve the efficiency and results of your credit management department
Gain a competitive advantage in exporting by offering safe, open terms overseas
Reduce bad debt reserves
Obtain greater access to bank financing, often at more favorable rates.

More important than risk transfer, a commercial credit insurance policy with International Growth Strategies is an investment in a partnership with us. We help you leverage our knowledge and financial stability to realize several valuable benefits that can offset the cost of your policy many times over even if you never make a claim. Don’t play Russian roulette with your business and profits. Without a policy you may as well just throw money in the trash.