Our Credit Insurance Services Can Protect You Now

We are known in the industry for our straight-forward approach, in-depth analysis, and creative solutions using trade risk insurance in the US and on a global scale. As the best trade credit insurance company, these are the reasons our business relationships last for decades, not weeks or months.

We are 100% committed to offering top quality trade risk insurance products that make sense for you and your company.

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Straight-Forward Approach

We know you have a lot at risk, so we will be clear about the uses of trade credit insurance as it applies to your unique situation. We will tell you when trade credit insurance is the best solution but we will also tell you when better alternatives exist. We will discuss the real benefits as well as the real limits of using trade credit insurance.

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Long Term Relationships

Our parent company, Barrett Trade & Finance Group LLC opened its doors in 1995. The customers we met that year are with us today. We have helped them understand what questions to ask and where to look for potential financial problems. We often think of things they will not, cross check their coverage on a regular basis and educate them along the way to improved profitability.

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In-Depth Analysis

When most brokers talk about “In-depth Analysis”, what they mean is that they learn just enough about your business to sell you an insurance policy. IGS sees that as inadequate, short-sighted, and contrary to your growth. At IGS, we never stop working to know more about you, your company and your goals. We never stop working to formulate strategies to help you achieve your goals. Unlike any other insurance group, we never stop learning about your customers to find new and better ways to help them buy more from your company.

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Proactive Ideas

Trade credit insurance protects you from certain types of financial losses. But if that is the only reason you bought it, you are wasting your money. When you have IGS as your broker, you have a world of financial expertise and products at your disposal. For IGS, trade credit insurance is a foundation for programs that dovetail with products offered by our parent company Barrett Trade & Finance Group LLC to create new sources of revenue, improve cash flow and profitability, and elevate your buyers’ perception of you as a supplier in every market you are in now or want to be in soon.