Cost Savings:

You might think trade risk insurance is not worth the premiums but at IGS we believe credit insurance can save you money that you can put to better use.

Letters of Credit have two associated costs: The cost of the L/C itself and the decrease in your line of credit with the bank, limiting available capital. Buying trade credit insurance eliminates both of those and might make your bank be willing to increase your line of credit knowing that your receivables are insured.

Factoring costs:

Selling your receivables may cost you more than the premium to insure them.

Protect One of Your Largest Assets:

For most businesses, their receivables can be up to 30% of their total assets, yet they insure everything else but those.

Support Your Sales Goals:

By insuring your receivables, you can prevent liquidity shortages and free up capital to reinvest or provide terms to additional buyers. Allowing additional buyers also decreases your overall risk by diversifying your buyer pool.

Strengthen Your Firm-wide Risk Management:

There are risks involved with managing a business and you need to manage and control as many of them as you can. By working with IGS, we can help you eliminate trade credit risk by providing credit risk expertise and advice not otherwise available, and you can transfer the risk of non-payment to another firm.