How Does TCI Protect Against Catastrophic Loss Coming From Bad Debt Loss

Why Do You Need Trade Credit Insurance?

Intercontinental Growth Strategies provides the best credit insurance for your company protection. We deal with business credit insurance and trade credit insurance. Your company’s protection is our topmost priority, and we have exclusive trade credit insurance policies for your company to be saved from any bad debt loss or risk.

Trade credit insurance is the type of insurance that protects your company from unexpected risk, which is predominantly out of your control. This is often achieved by increasing your cash flow and protecting your accounts receivable.

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Trade Credit Insurance Increases Profits

As a company, you work hard to predict and plan for potential risks. But, a company can never estimate the risks which are unexpected or unknown. We are here to provide you with a solution that mitigates your trade risk so you have one less area of potential unexpected risks and can feel confident you are safe from things that are out of your control.

Intercontinental Growth Strategies gives a protective shield to your company that allows you to make greater profits by reducing the risk of unforeseen risks.

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Improves Credit and Access to Competitive Rates

By utilizing trade credit insurance, your company can prove that they are protected from bad debt losses. In turn, you are able to improve your credit which can even help you have access to more competitive rates.

Intercontinental Growth Strategies allows you to protect your business and gives you a reliable way to increase your company’s protection through a trade credit insurance policy.

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Increases Access to Capital

We all know that your accounts receivables may not be paid on time, which puts your business in a dangerous situation. Your business shouldn't have to be penalized for the accounts receivables not being paid on time. By insuring your accounts receivables with trade credit insurance, your bank will lend up to 80% more, including export and concentrated accounts receivables.

TCI frees you from maintaining bad debt reserves and helps you protect your capital, maintain your cash flow, and secure your earnings while extending competitive credit terms to your customers. Insured receivables allow you to safely grow your business without risk or fear of debt.

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Safely Grow Your Business

Overall, trade capital insurance will help you grow your business without risking high debt and bankruptcy. You can safely expand your inventory and safely extend credit to new or existing customers with the peace of mind that you will be paid. TCI insurance allows you to remove the credit risk from your balance sheet, improve margins, and strengthen your balance sheet.

Not only that, but TCI provides credit intelligence, information, and monitoring to help businesses make the best possible credit and business decisions. This is a significant advantage for small businesses that need room to grow and a smart way to navigate through the industry.

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